1.1 Practical innovation

Innovation and co-creation

Creativity and innovation in organization

Innovation processes

Masurement innovation

Crowsourcing and innovation

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Innovation management

Innovation in firms and organizations

1.2 Theoretical innovation

Health care sciences and innovation

Marktin and innovation

Innovation in Sciences-Engineering

Innovation in social Sciences

Innovation in Economy, Management and Marketing

Innovation in Tourism and hospitality

1.3 Innovation and new technologies

Innovation and artificial intelligence

Innovation and big data

New technology-based firms and innovation

Open Innovation

Collaborative Innovation

Innovation and new technologies

Social Media and innovation

1.4 Trends and other topics in innovation

Inclusive innovation

Innovation and sustainability

Enviromental and innovation

Innovation in specific áreas

Networks of innovation

Innovation ecosystems

New innovations


2.1 Inclusive education

Inclusive education and technology

Adaptative learning technology in education

Diversity issues education

Gender issues in education

Minorities and education

Support for inclusive education

Attitude toward inclusive education

Inclusive education and infraestructures

Diversity issues, women & minoritieseducation and tecnology

2.2 Education and technology

Big data and education

Artificial intelligence and education

Social Media and education

Information technologies in education

News technologies and education

Virtual learning environment

Mobile learning

Elearning and experiences

Social media and education

ICT skills in education

2.3 Trends and others topics of education

Flipped and Blended teaching

Education and sustainability

Open education

Education in Sciences-Engineering

Education in Social Sciences

Education in Economy, Management and Marketing

Education in Tourism and hospitality

Education management

Teaching cases

University-industry cooperation

Academy research projects

Education trends & experiences

Links between education and research

Educational experiences

News metodologies in education

Educational software and gamification

Serious game in education

Conceptual maps

Adult & vocational training & tecnology

Coaching & mentoring

Education and society


News trends and documentation

Documentation and new technology

Big data and Documentation

Documentation in Sciences-Engineering

Documentation in Social Sciences

Documentation in Economy, Management and Marketing

Documentation in Tourism and hospitality

Advances in documentation

Social Media and documentation

ICT skills in documentation